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Prayer Mat


Prayer Mats: Help you to fulfill your religious Obligation

Being a Muslim we all are obliged to say prayer five times a day. Prayer mats are the common component of the payer. It is the need of every Muslim. We offer the wide range of Prayer Mats In Abu Dhabi. Prayer mats Abu Dhabi helps you completing your religious obligation and completing prayer.

With the soft texture of these mats, provides comfort to your feet and make you comfortable while saying prayers. We offer different types, colors and sizes of Prayer Mats In Abu DhabiThe prayer mats for home as well as Mosques are also available at carpet Abu Dhabi.

Prayer Mats for Mosques:

The use of prayer mats in Mosques is huge as people gather at one please to say prayer at five times a day. We offer the huge variety of Prayer Mats Abu Dhabi specifically for Mosque at carpet Abu Dhabi.

If you are contrasting a Mosque of looking to change the Mosque prayer mats, than you are at right place. We offer different varieties of Prayer Mats In Abu Dhabi as well as the huge variety of Mosques carpet, specially designed for mosques only.

These carpets and mats help you fulfill your religious obligations in a good manner.  We provide durable and long lasting prayer mats and Mosque carpets. The good news is that these mats come with anti-fire coating which prevents theses mats from catching fire. The prayer mat can also be a very fascinating gift to anyone, even if you are looking for a gift for someone visits carpet Abu Dhabi.

Custom Orders:

We book small orders as well as large orders. If you are looking to purchase any product in large quantity, you visit our store. We have the best staff; it helps deliver the order as quick as possible. Our experts will help you to find the suitable product which fits your need.  

We manufacture the Mosque carpets and Prayer Mats In Abu Dhabi of best quality. If you want to purchase Mosque carpets or prayer mats, give us a chance to serve you.

What we do?

We provide you with the desired and quality product of your need. We know best, what interest you. Let us help you find the product. We have the huge variety of every type of carpets and rugs. If you are looking for best quality Prayer Mats Abu Dhabi in affordable price, visit carpet Abu Dhabi.

We provide best features such as:

  • Best Quality
  • Affordable Prices
  • Huge Variety
  • Best service
  • Durable products

We have the expert staff always available at your service. We are offering carpets and prayer mats on discounted rates. We provide durable products which last long. We never compromise on quality. We value our customers.

Visit carpet Abu Dhabi and grab the best Prayer mats and Mosques carpet in cheap and affordable price. Apart from these you may also find the other carpet and flooring options available in our store. We are at your service.

Prayer Mat in Abu Dhabi

  • We being in the arab international residing in Abu Dhabi or any a part of the united arab emirates, praying is the critical a part of our life-style in which having prayer mats is a necessity.
  • Carpets Abu Dhabi has a wide kind of products and designs under the prayer mats class with all one of a kind colorings and prints made from the finniest excessive nice fabric that will help you loosen up and come up with the warmth and the calmness required whilst prayer.
  • you may pick out from the wide variety of options from out catalogues and out executives may be at your doorstep with samples if you want to pick out from.
  • purchase excessive pleasant prayer mats Abu Dhabi and mosque carpets in Abu Dhabi,thru checking our variety collection. We do supply & fast set up. Call now 056-600-9626.

Our govt and experts will gift you the samples with out a duty to buy. You may additionally mail us at sales@carpetsabudhabi.Com if you have a customized requirement and request at no cost quote.

We are also open to wholesale orders. We’ve a ramification of merchandise apart from prayer mats to help you uplift the appears of your interiors some of them consist of persian carpets, hand tufted carpets, sisal carpets, workplace carpets, wall to wall carpets, ax minster carpets, prayer rug, outdoor carpets, mosque carpets, and plenty of extra. We are open to wholesale orders, name us in case you have any queries.

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