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Oriental Rugs-Name of satisfaction

For the decoration of dining room and drawing room the Oriental Rugs Abu Dhabi are the best choice. Historical records are showed that these types of carpets are used in the court of Cyrus for decoration. Oriented rugs are carpets hand knotted. Oriental carpets are so magnificent. Each rugs has a particular pattern, palette and weave are uniquely linked with the indigenous culture. The colors and designs are unique. The natural dyes in oriental, rug are derived from plant materials which make Oriental Rugs Abu Dhabi special. These carpets are so elegant and good for mature look.

Characteristics of oriental carpets:

These are the characteristics which made Oriental Rugs in Abu Dhabi Unparalleled:

This type of rare quality is now in at Oriented Rugs Abu Dhabi. Characteristics of oriented carpets include an unusually thick pile, extremely rich color combinations and unique designs, and a very distinct knot. Oriented Rugs in Abu Dhabi are traditionally known for their tremendous variety in design, color, size, and weave. More-over, they are known for the uniqueness of each and every product of carpets Abu Dhabi, Oriental Rugs in Abu Dhabi also has the widest range and variety. For lavish look gives a chance to Oriented, Rugs Abu Dhabi. This is not all there are lot of factors which made oriented rugs unmatched in their majesty, size and colors. The natural dyes in an, oriented rugs are derived from plants and insect such as indigo, madder, oak, sumac, cochineal and larkspur. The synthetic dyes are also used for better results. The weaving style also made oriental rugs different from other carpets. The size is perfect for the decoration of interiors. Some rugs have two different colors, boundaries, sizes. Patterns and designs in among them.

Meaningful patterns and symbol:

Oriented Rugs in Abu Dhabi has a variety of patterns and designs. The interesting thing about carpet, every design is different from another. Each rug has a particular, patterns and every pattern symbolizes different things. Every color also indicates something for example deer represent well beings, bat, show happiness, camel in considered the symbol of wealth and lion shows victory, red color shows joy and happiness, yellow indicates power and glory, blue represent solitude and truth and white is considered as purity, grief and peace. All these patterns and colors not only make them beautiful but also create a traditional effect. What is more? The quality is unmatched. Beauty, tradition, color combination are in oriented rugs.

Quality with grace:

We always provide a quality work, which enhance the beauty of your house. We care about the every requirement of our clients and care much about their, comport we always kept in view the demands of our clients and made product accordingly. We provide first class Oriented Rugs in Abu Dhabi and the nearest areas. Oriental carpets are durable and long lasting. We are at your service anytime.

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