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Sisal Carpets

As concerns regarding sustainability grow, interest in natural fiber carpets and rugs is rising. Natural fiber rugs utilize sustainable, renewable materials, making them the most environmentally friendly flooring options available, as opposed to synthetic materials like nylon, which must be manufactured using priceless fossil fuels. Sisal, which is pronounced “sigh-Suhl,” is by far one of the most popular natural carpeting options. Other options include wool, sea grass, jute, and coir. The sisal plant, a type of agave power station that is primarily grown in Brazil, provides the fibers used to make sisal. Here are some recommendations to assist you in determining whether Sisal is the best carpet option for your house!

A renewable resource known as sisal, also called agave sisal Ana, is used to make carpets (hence the name). A desert plant known as agave has long, spiny leaves similar to yucca or aloe plants. Sisal is made from the strong fibers that support these same leaves and is woven in and out of carpets and rugs.

Sisal plants are a highly renewable resource for customers who are worried about the effects of their carpet choice because they grow quickly and require very little liquid or commercial fertilizers.

Sisal Carpet

Is sisal carpet the best option for stairs in a home or office?

Sisal carpet is a great option for stairs because of the coarse fiber’s ability to create a solid grip in friction. For stairways and hallways, add a different border to give a plain sisal carpet a stunning new look. Why not create a unique Sisal rug from scratch? These can be produced at any distance and any thickness up to 4 meters. To give your home a distinct look, don’t forget to add a contrasting border.

What are the Benefits of having a sisal carpet in your work area?

Environmentally friendly 

Sisal is one of the greenest carpeting materials available. Sisal, which is made from the aloe plant, is more durable and resilient than jute or fiberglass. In the automotive industry, it serves as a green substitute for nylon and polyester as well as baling twine, maritime rope, and other uses. It is simple to dye and bleach to produce a wide variety of lovely colors and patterns.  A sisal carpet can be used in much any room of the house and is available in a wide range of colors.  

Aesthetic look

Another thing that sisal is valued for is its appearance. Sisal does have a distinctive tan, beige, as well as creamy white color that naturally results from the plant fibers that make up the carpet, like many other natural fiber carpets. These fibers are sewn into a mildly neutral fabric with a natural appearance that blends in with almost any décor. However, sisal takes dyes and can even be plaited into other materials for distinctive looks if you do like patterns or color.



You want your flooring investment to last when you make the purchase. The sisal plant produces strong fibers that make an incredibly durable carpet. The material is durable and has a long lifespan. Due to its durability, sisal is frequently used for automotive parts and boating rope.

Why  choose us?

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