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The Best Exhibition Carpets for Your Trade Show Design

Temporary carpets or carpeted planks of wood are called Exhibition Carpets. These are used in formal events to give them a luxurious feel. You can choose different colors, textures and patterns to suit the occasion – for example, a party or a gala. Exhibition carpets have always been the classiest form of floor covering. Carpet Abu Dhabi is a premium brand that has been specializing in the business of exhibition carpets for years. We are the current pioneers in the field and look forward to bringing in more happy customers.

The Types Of Exhibition Carpets

  • Felt
  • Long Pile
  • Artificial grass
  • Runners
  • Red Carpets
  • Project Carpets

The attributes of Exhibition Carpets


Nothing spells luxury like rolling out an exhibition carpets at an event. They bring class and decadence to all floors. This can bring up the look of any event, party, gala or gathering.


These carpets have to endure numerous feet walking across them. Since they add to the look of these events, these carpets can’t show any wear and tear. They have to perpetually look picture perfect. This is why these carpets have to be very durable and still look good. We supply only the best quality carpets that look good for every location.


Part of something being luxurious is for that same thing to feel grand. Exhibition carpets are comfortable and plush to walk on. Sometimes they extend through many meters; hence it is essential that they feel good on foot.


Considering that these carpets deal with a lot of footfall, the expectation is that they get filthy and are a nuisance to clean. But this is incorrect. Our exhibition carpets are easy to clean and then re-use. 


Exhibition carpets may vary in color, size, pattern and texture. You can move from a red carpet to a carpet that looks like artificial grass. There is a carpet to suit every need, every floor and every occasion.

Why you should choose Exhibition Carpets from Carpet Abu Dhabi:

There is no one better than us. For years we have been striving for perfection. Our work is very well-reputed, and our products are of superior grade. We offer you a range of exhibition carpets like no other. By choosing from us, you are opening yourself up to dealing with some of the most deluxe carpets out there. We are able to accommodate any need for the client and accomplish it. Exhibition carpets are a statement piece for most events, and so it’s crucial to higher trusted brands. Carpet Abu Dhabi is the best of the best.