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Carpets Abu Dhabi: Animal Skin Carpets

Are you looking to give your interior a distinctive look? Or do you want to make a room stand out due to its distinguished décor? Well, then Animal Skin Carpets is just the answer for you! Animal Skin Carpets provides an exclusive out-look to the décor of any room and adds to the beauty of the interior. As you know, Carpets Abu Dhabi is the most distinguished carpet shop in the city. So, why not give the most distinguished shop of the city a chance to decorate your interior and give it the most distinctive look? Here at Carpets Abu Dhabi, we have a wide range of Animal Skin carpets available for our customers at very economical prices. Animal Skin Carpets complements the beauty of any interior. These Carpets by Carpet Abu Dhabi are specially processed and are made to furnish and enhance the beauty of your decorum.

In the carpet market, there are two different types of Animal Skin Carpets;

  1. Animal Skin Carpets (Animal Skin printed on a regular carpet)
  2. Animal Hide Carpets (Actual Animal Skin)

We at Carpets Abu Dhabi, offer our customers with both these products, according to their preferences.

Quality Assurance:

Animal Skin Carpets by Carpets Abu Dhabi are well known in the market for their best quality. We are forever dedicated towards ensuring the delivery of an excellent quality product, best service, and a value for money to our customer.

These carpets are processed or manufactured under our supervision.

And we make sure that all the Animal Skin Carpets are processed correctly and thoroughly.

We also make sure that the material being used in the process is of highest quality in the market.

Animal Skins have a unique elegance to them.

At Carpets Abu Dhabi, we make sure to preserve that elegance and exoticness, and ensure that it doesn’t get lost in the manufacturing process.

We double check the procedure and test the quality of the carpets to avoid any complaints from the customer end and also to deliver the best possible product to our customers.

In the end, our reputation and customer satisfaction is our most utmost affair which distinguishes us from the other carpet selling shops in the city.


At Carpets Abu Dhabi, we have an extensive variety of sophisticated and decorative Animal Skin Carpets in our arsenal.

We have ample range of Animal Skin Carpets with alluring designs and patterns, so our customers can easily choose the best product which suits their needs and budget.

We at Carpets Abu Dhabi deal in all different kinds of Animal Skin carpets, such as;

  • Zebra Skin Carpet
  • Cow Skin Carpet
  • Tiger Skin Carpet
  • Sheep Skin Carpet
  • Goat Skin Carpet
  • Reindeer Skin Carpets

So, if you are looking to renovate your interior, with a unique look, under economical prices.

Make sure to give us a call, or pay us a visit at our shop Carpets Abu Dhabi, to buy the best quality Animal Skin Carpets available in the Abu Dhabi Market

Various Choices Of animal skin carpets Offered By Carpetabudhabi

Animal skin carpets from come in different varieties and styles.

Whether your requirement is large or small we do it all for you.
Our administrative dept. and experts will show you the samples free of cost. Your request for customization is welcomed and we shall quote you for the same. We give 100% customer satisfaction by fulfilling their demands. We provide doorstep services. and at no extra charge across abu dhabi and all parts of UAE.

Factors Considered By “” For Installation Of animal skin carpets

We consider below factors while installing carpets for you

  • Foot traffic
  • Money
  • Design and style of carpet
  • Animal skin type

As per your area we provide the bestcarpet with modern designs, extra quality, durability and less price. Our carpets will match your interior and provide various designs for you to choose.

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