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wool carpet

Wool is essentially the most mainly used natural fiber in carpeting. at the same time artificial fibers incorporate the titanic majority of the carpet fiber market, wool surely has its possess area of interest available to buy and remains to be a sought-after fiber option.

typical fibers similar to wool have several key variations from synthetics.



Wool is a naturally resilient fiber, despite the fact that now not as enormously resilient as nylon. (The term resiliency refers to a fiber’s capacity to bounce back after compression.) Being resilient means that wool has excellent texture retention, which is the capability of the fiber to hold its common appearance. As such, wool carpets are ordinarily beautiful long lasting, despite the fact that wool’s resistance to abrasion shouldn’t be as excessive as that of nylon or triexta.

Wool carpets have been known to last for many years in a dwelling when properly maintained.


It does require slightly more work to preserve a wool carpet in comparison with carpets made of artificial fibers. Wool carpets ought to be professionally cleaned through cleaners who have expertise in working with wool carpets. As a typical fiber, wool contains a moderate hazard of shrinking underneath unsuitable upkeep, so it’s central that it is handled accurately, by using authorities who’re conversant in the fiber and who can smooth it readily without dangerous the carpet.
moreover, it’s worth mentioning that wool carpet will shed. Wool is a normal staple fiber, and so is susceptible to shedding. Staple fibers are brief, and so many are left “unattached” throughout the manufacturing system. A quantity of fibers shed from the carpet will decrease over time, and shedding does not imply that your carpet is falling aside, but it can be bothersome.
Stain Resistance
Wool is much less stain resistant than most artificial fibers. Wool may be very absorbent, so it may be problematic to eliminate stains once they’ve been absorbed via the fiber. as with all fibers, the excellent system of preventing a stain when a spill happens is to deal with the spill as speedily as viable. If the substance is allowed to soak into the fiber, it would possibly not come out.

Soil Resistance

Soiling is different from staining. Wool does have just right resistance to soiling. seeing that wool is a ordinary fiber, the fibers have microscopic scales. These scales help to prevent dirt from embedding within the carpet fibers. in addition, the scales disperse gentle, so that any soiling that does occur on the wool is masked.

Flame Resistance

Wool’s flame resistance is useful of note when you consider that it differs greatly from artificial fibers on this regard. Wool won’t burn; as an alternative it’ll char (blacken). For illustration, a lit cigarette dropped on the carpet will doubtless go away a visible mark, however won’t intent the carpet to go up in flames.

installation of carpet right in entrance of a wood-burning hearth or stove is discouraged because of the sparks that may leap out and land on the floor. nevertheless, when you do decide on to have carpet established around the fireplace, wool carpet is likely your nice choice as a result of its flame resistance.

common Humidifier

As stated above, wool is totally absorbent. at the same time this is not a fascinating trait in the case of staining, it may be beneficial for the loved ones environment. When the air is humid, the wool carpet will absorb the surplus moisture within the air. as a consequence, when the air is drier, the fibers will release the moisture, thereby helping to hold the dwelling’s moisture phases in steadiness.

For specially damp areas, equivalent to bathrooms or damp basements, the wool carpet will not be suitable, as it would rarely (if ever) have the opportunity to dry out, and could cause problems related to the moisture retention, including mildew and mildew.

In humid climate zones, with consistent 12 months-round temperature and humidity levels, using a dehumidifier in the home would be endorsed to prevent the equal risks of mildew and mildew.


surely about it, wool is likely one of the most steeply-priced carpet fibers. more often than not, it is rather more expensive than synthetics, including excessive-end nylons. Of path, there are some entry-stage wool carpets that are available at reduce price, around maybe $three per rectangular foot or so, however many wool carpets will run so much better than that, frequently upwards of $10 to $15 per rectangular foot.

last phrase on Wool

Wool is visible by using many as an investment, which justifies the excessive cost tag. When selected in keeping with loved ones conditions and adequately maintained, it’s true that wool carpeting can last for a long time. however, for busy households inclined to spills and high site visitors, an artificial carpet could also be more practical.

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