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Made to Order, Customized Rugs by Carpets Abu Dhabi

It is an established fact that rugs are an essential part of any interior. They give the room a definitive look and enriches the beauty of the decorum of the room.

Rugs add a certain gracefulness to the décor. And also gives it a sense of completeness and wholeness.

There are many different types of rugs available at our shop Carpets Abu Dhabi and while other rugs have their pros Made to Order, Customized Rugs by Carpets Abu Dhabi certainly have theirs.

Here at Carpets Abu Dhabi, we provide our customers with all of these different kinds of Made to Order, Customized Rugs, so our customers can choose the best Rug according to their needs and demands.

Made to Order, Customized Rugs by Carpets Abu Dhabi are fabricated according to our customer’s demands to better fit their needs.

Rugs really tie the room together especially rugs around the sitting area complements the whole set of the arrangement of the furniture.

While rugs are definitely very important went it comes to decorating your interior.

Stepping on rugs can be soothing and comforting.

Made to Order Customized Rugs by Carpets Abu Dhabi can be placed near sitting areas, such as; under sofas and table region, near bedside, or under the dining table. Or why not all these places?

They provide our feet a break from the tough and hard floor. Placing your feet at a good quality rug almost gives the sensations of a relaxing foot massage.


Carpets Abu Dhabi provides its customers with an extensive range of rugs made from different top-quality materials.

Many factors come in play when you are selecting the best rug for your room. Material is definitely the most important one, because it decides the feel, durability and the function of the rug.

There are two different categories in the market for Made to Order, Customized Rugs, depending on their material;

1.       Natural Fiber Rugs (handmade such as wool, cotton or silk)

2.       Synthetic Fiber Rugs (machine made such as nylon, olefin)

Natural Fiber Rugs are usually made by hand. They are much more durable than Synthetic Fiber Rugs and are made from the finest materials. They also last longer and are environment-friendly.

On the other hand, Synthetic Fiber Rugs are all machine made. They can be manufactured in a limitless amount of colors, and patterns and designs. They are also dust resistant and easy to maintain.


At Carpets Abu Dhabi, we have all types Made to Order, of Customized Rugs available in exquisite colors and magnificent designs.

Our aesthetically pleasing designs catches the attention of the viewers and leave a pleasing impression them.

So, if you are looking to buy Customized Rugs, made of wool, cotton, or polyester etc., to complete the arrangement of your sitting area. Then Carpets Abu Dhabi is available at your disposal to help you.

Make sure to give us a call, or visit us at our shop.