Kids Playground Grass- Where Fun meets Safety!

Just like all of our flooring and upholstery products are designed with certain safety standards, our Kids’ Playground Grass is no exception either. Along with lush and beautiful appearance it is also designed with a safety feature so ensure the safety of kids in case they fall while playing. We have specially developed our range of Kids’ Playground Grass in Dubai with the ability to hold up to the extreme traffic that any playground endures. We have also used a unique blade structure and new yarn, which increases the durability of Kids’ Playground Grass by resisting wear and tear up to four times in comparison to other synthetic grasses.

Why choose our Kids’ Playground Grass in Dubai?

Our Kids’ Playground Grass mats come with a revolutionary new seaming system, which guarantees that your kids will wear out before our seams do. Hence, our collection of Kids’ Playground Grass in Abu Dhabi is the best and cost effective option that not only last longer, but requires less maintenance, and improve playtime. There is no other comparison to the quality of our Kids’ Playground Grass in Dubai.

Durable and Easy to Clean Kids’ Playground Grass

We assure you that you won’t regret investing in Kids’ Playground Grass mats, as they offer maximum safety for many years. It last way longer than any other surfacing you’ll find, we have also backed our Kids’ Playground Grass in Dubai by our warranty.

When it comes to cleaning there is already enough mess in life without the added grime on kids’ clothes and floors. That’s why we have designed our playground grass in Abu Dhabi with a clean and easy-to-maintain surface that needs very little or almost none infill.

Antistatic and Antimicrobial Kids’ Playground Grass Mats

Our Kids’ Playground Grass do not build up static like other synthetic grasses and saves you from those static shocks. Our Kids’ Playground Grass in Dubai is designed with a surface that has antistatic technology built into the blades that does not interfere with cochlear implants and other electronic devices.

Along with antistatic feature, we have also introduced antimicrobial quality in our Kids’ Playground Mats since it is unavoidable and natural for kids to be gross at times. We cannot fight with the course of nature but what we can do is to come up with antimicrobial Kids’ Playground Grass that inhibits the growth of bacteria.


Specifications of Playground Grass

  1. Easier upkeep
  2. Kids’ Playground Grass needs grooming only twice a year.
  3. Consistently safe
  4. No displacement with excellent safety features.
  5. Kids’ Playground Grass in Dubai is longer lasting and durable
  6. Never fades or degrade and lasts for years.
  7. Our collection of Kids’ Playground Grass in Abu Dhabi is leading the market with its competitive prices


In case you have any further queries regarding our Kids’ Playground Mats or want to avail our free sample delivery, you can contact us on the below given details. We also provide you delivery and installation services at no additional cost!

Contact# 05-66-77-2345, 056-600-9626, 04-2959449 & 0566776789


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