Cowhides for flooring

Rugs and carpets in Abu Dhabi made of cowhide bear numerous amazing qualities that contribute to their ever increasing popularity in the present day. The animal hide rug and carpet styles have been in trend since the ancient times and there are numerous different types of animal hides that are used to enhance the appeal of the home interior. Among all of the stunningly attractive rugs and carpets online made of animal hides, cowhides stand out due to their distinct appeal and all amazing qualities that they bear.

The numerous perks of cowhides
One of the biggest benefits of using a rug or carpet Abu Dhabi made of cowhide is the fact that it is hypoallergenic. There are a lot of people suffering from allergies that get irritated due to the fabrics and carpets Abu Dhabi indoors. This can be avoided with the help of cowhides. Cowhide rugs and carpets are natural floor coverings and don’t trap allergens like other carpets do. In case of other carpets, regular vacuuming and cleaning has to be done in order to ensure the upkeep but when it comes to cowhides, all you have to do is to take the rug or home carpet outside and shake it in order to get rid of the dust. Thus cowhides can prove to be incredibly beneficial for you in saving time. Professional cleaning of cowhides isn’t necessarily required either.
The individuality that cowhides offer also is a constituting factor as to why their popularity is on peak. The piece of cowhide that you buy will be exclusive. You won’t be finding any knock offs of your cowhides anywhere else when you buy a 100% natural cowhide rug. Another reason why you should opt to buy a cowhide carpet online UAE or rug is due to the fact that even if it gets spilled, it is extremely easy to clean it up. No chemicals are required to clean up the stains on a cowhide. A moist cloth is enough to do the trick.

Durability of cowhides

The rugs and carpets for sale made of cowhides are incredibly durable. In case of traditional carpets, it is really predictable for them to become dirty, faded and worn as they age. Carpets UAE also lose their appeal and effectiveness due to the heavy foot traffic that they have to bear. In addition to that, the constant exposure to dirt also damages the carpet on sale in a significant manner. Same is not the case with cowhides. The best carpet or rug made from cowhide is able to sustain heavy foot traffic in a convenient manner. The natural oils of cowhide helps it is resisting the surface penetration via various contaminants. Thus cowhides are able to last for a long period of time while maintaining their appeal throughout.  Get the finest cowhides from the best carpet stores Abu Dhabi. When it comes to cowhides, the cost of carpet manufactured by the best carpet manufacturers in Abu Dhabi is affordable as well.

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