Beautiful Commercial Flooring Carpet Tiles: 

Carpet tiles are also known as carpet squares. These are made up of different materials, such as polyester, polyethene, cotton, wool, etc. High quality fibre is used to manufacture the carpet tiles. Carpet tiles are an amazing choice for all the interiors, including your residence and commercial areas.

Commercial Flooring Carpet Tiles:

Carpet tiles are the perfect choice to be floored on a commercial floor which includes, restaurants, mosques, nurseries, hotels, gyms, etc. Commercial Flooring Carpet Tiles are available in many beautiful designs and colours which seems to be appealing and attractive to the people and put a positive impact on the environment. They are a very good alternative to the whole carpet rolls. There are many attractive colour shades and designs printed on each carpet squares. They can be easily installed and each carpet tile can be removed when destroyed without disturbing all other squares placed on the floor. They are very suitable for commercial use as it is absolutely capable of handling heavy foot traffic.

Types Of Commercial Flooring Carpet Tiles Abu Dhabi: 


This is a type of carpet tiles in which fibres are tufted into thin layer of PVC. It helps the carpet tiles to stay flat and maintain stability.

Closed cell cushion backing:

It helps to extend the carpet tiles’ life as cushion helps to handle foot traffic more efficiently as compared to fibres, tufted in.

Open cell cushion backing:

It protects the wear and tear of the carpet tiles. They provide improved moisture and acoustic management.

Benefits Of Commercial Flooring Carpet Tiles Abu Dhabi

  • Carpet tiles helps to give a very versatile and welcoming look to the whole room.
  • These are present in various designs and types to fit in any kind of interior you want.
  • Its vibrant colour shades allow you to floor both, decent and funky interiors in a very classy and modern way.
  • They are less expensive as compared to the whole carpet rolls.

The maintenance of carpet squares is much easier than carpet rolls, as you don’t need to remove the Commercial Flooring Carpet Tiles Abu Dhabi and clean it or exchange it, each tile can also be replaced or cleaned without disturbing others, when needed.

It can be transported very easily to the required location.

It reduces noise pollution.

The carpet tiles are non slippery and are comfortable to walk or sit over them.

Why choose us?

We are selling the best quality carpet tiles as we have, wide range of designs and colours to satisfy each and every kind of interior you want. Our quality is beyond your expectations. Our carpet squares are totally moisture resistant and are fire proof. They provide durability as they are made up of 100% original and synthetic materials. Commercial Flooring Carpet Tiles are floored in various interiors and always have been appreciated by the customers. We also offer free delivery and installation to avoid any fatigue for you. Feel free to contact on the details below for your orders, now!

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